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    Question: Best Method For Serving Data and Hosting Web?

    I'm in an area I'm not familiar with.

    My current setup:

    MD3200 SAN (RAID5) connected via iSCSI to a VM1 connect via NFS to VM2. VM2 is the webserver with 4 tomcat servers running in vertical scaling. VM1 and VM2 are on 2 different subnets.

    I don't know if this is the best way to serve my data.

    It was set up this way, because I could only safely have the iSCSI SAN connected to 1 server, so it's connected to VM1. I shared it to VM2, because VM2 is the web server. VM1 has all the files that need to be served on the local network. VM2 has VM1's data mounted via NFS. While VM1 is serving the data through the web server applications, VM2 is rsync'ing the data to other servers across my network. Rsync'ing directly from VM2 to my other servers removes the workload from VM1 so my users won't feel the affects of the load.

    Is this the best way to use my resources? This setup was working for me for about 6 months. Then, recently, I started seeing slow response times from the users' end, and I couldn't pin point the problem. I don't know if it's an NFS issue, a network issue or an issue with the SAN. I think I need to change my current setup, but I don't know what to change it to.

    Note: I have also noticed a lot of journaling issues when rebooting VM1. I'm not sure if my data is being corrupted.

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    First, check the baud rate allowed in modem or adapter cards on the users side work-stations for their setup speed.
    check if load balancing the servers has occurred with too much preference to some channel.
    check the RAM in the servers at startup in the BIOS.
    Second, if you send your network out through the public internet(VPN tunneling or bypass like proxy) you would need to check with your provider.

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