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    Post All in 1 Linux Home Server Project: Advice Wanted!!

    New to the forum! Any advice or knowledge would be great.

    Build Mission:
    My mission is to accomplish an all in 1 home server option. Im currently running freenas on the hardware below, but wish to expand. What kind of level of Linux knowledge to complete this? Ive taken class on Unix/Linux, I know basic commands and know the VI editor and the Linux environment. I been leaning towards Ubuntu Desktop distro because anything I cannot do in CLI, can be configured in the GUI(OR so I thought). What are your feelings on this? Is there a better distro for my purpose? Ive looked into Amahi, but I didnít find it capable of accomplishing all of my needs.
    I basically want to be able to access everything on my home network, outside my network while Iím away using a registered domain(Example: I work full time and go to school part time(CIS major). Because of this, I need access to all my files and documents from my home via a web browser. Once everything is up and running, I want to keep it that way. How do I back up all the configuration files and installs on the server so I donít have to go in and reconfigure everything from scratch? I envision all my media on the two 1TB harddrives. Is there a way to administer all of this from 1 online GUI, using webmin or something similar? Do you see any foreseeable problems and can this actually be done on a dedicated mid range desktop below? I wanted to run this by everyone, and see what everyone thoughts were.

    Iíve been googling for days looking for complete guides or step by step walk through with little luck. Any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Additional Questions I have:
    What kind of level of Linux knowledge to complete this?
    How would you implement this?
    How would I document the install, configurations and TESTing?
    Security, how to keep the server secure?

    AMD quad core CPU
    6 gb ddr3 ram
    Two 1 tb green drives
    One 160 gb drive
    And plan on adding more drives as needed.
    Coolmaster half case
    Tv tuner card

    The below are my software needs:

    1.)I want to be able to upload/download files from my Android smartphone via SFTP to a server directory, which syncs with iTunes folder Automatic add to iTunes folder on my Macbook.

    2.)OpenSSH to login and administer

    3.)Torrent downloader with a web GUI, to download torrent while im away

    4.)Owncloud linked to Samba Shares for local network access and remote access

    5.)Music streaming server(Like subsonic)

    6.)VNC server

    7.)VPN server

    8.)Document management system. Using openKM or fengoffice to have centralized documents I can edit on the go accessible via web browser saving it back on the server.

    9.)UPNP for PS3 streaming or other devices on my LAN

    10.)Media tomb back end to record tv shows

    11. Samba shares

    12.) SFTP server using vsftpd

    13.) Backup plan: I want the server to back up folders or directories from my Macbook Pro and Win7 desktops I then want to back this information from the server to a external esata hard drive. QUESTIONS: how would I accomplish this?

    14.) virus scanning


    Email server

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    This seems like quite a project.

    Distro-wise, choose whatever you are more comfortable with. I prefer RHEL/CentOS, but it's just that, a preference.

    I doubt you are going to find a guide that will give you all the details that you need, so you are going to keep googleing a lot.

    I suggest that you set a order of priority of the things you want it to do and then make a start.

    You could try it first with a VM.

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    Hi, that's quite a mission!

    I recommend installing CentOS 6 or Scientific Linux 6 as your OS. Choose to install the packages for virtualization, which is KVM. Also choose the appropriate packages for the GUI, if you desire (recommended).
    With KVM installed, you can use that as a platform to install several other servers which are virtualized. Then, break down your virtual machines by task; you need not have 1 for each task, but group them together as you see fit. You should be able to run 3 or 4 VMs each with 1gb RAM no problem.

    For the VMs, I would recommend no GUIs, to help keep RAM usage down, and you'll be fine.

    Also, in modern distros, OpenSSH is installed by default. Also, no additional configuration is needed to turn on sftp by default, it's part of SSH I believe, and will be installed even with a minimum install. vsftpd is an FTP / FTPS program, not sftp (though it might have a feature for sftp, that I don't know).

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