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    DNS or Bind problems

    Hi i got a Domain that is suppose to direst to my server but when ever i nslookup the domain it gives me this :SERVFAILED
    but when i put in the ip of the server it works
    i have the following Setup on Trustix 2.2

    bind 9.3.0
    mysql 4.1.7
    apache 2.0.52
    and php 5.0.2

    i tried it with webmin but as soon as i open a new zone the named.conf wont work

    i wish if i can get help thanx

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    Either named isn't running, it isn't serving the domain correctly, or you don't have your registrar pointing to the right DNS server.

    Check to see if named is running:

    ps auxww | grep named
    To see if it is loading the zone correctly, you need to look in the messages file. I don't know where this is on Trustix.

    To see if you have your registrar setup right, run a whois on the domain, and do a dig where is listed in the registrar as the primary nameservers.


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    hi thanks samuel but the named doesnt seem to start this is what i am getting after i type

    service named start

    Removing chroot jail: [ OK ]
    Creating chroot jail for named: [ OK ]
    Starting named: ..........

    and i want to know is it becuase the named.conf is not correct thanks

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