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    Smaba Browsable Issues as AD Client

    I have looked though a lot of posts but can't find any thing.

    I have a Samaba box that is connected to AD as a client for users, we have put the browsable = no on the globel config. Restart samaba and went to a couple of machines and it showing in network neighbourhood still. Is there another option we have to set or is this a AD issue.



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    I never heard of smaba or samaba before, but I've heard of samba. Not to be a prick but it would help you if you knew what you were looking at and it would significantly help your google searches.

    Anyways, because I'm a nice guy I'll still answer your question. So Samba does not connect to the windows domain at all, it allows file sharing between the two. If the linux system is in AD you could be using winbind or sssd or kerberos and ldap to connect. That's besides the point, the reason it's still showing up in network neighborhood is because that uses netbios, if you nuke your netbios settings in smb.conf you will not see it anymore.

    The browseable flag is for being able to browse the file share, so \\server\lukes_home_dir is viewable inside.

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