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    How to make samba join the domain

    when i run ./net rpc join
    then, these massage came out:
    "Unable to find a suitable server"
    "Failed to join domain"
    Is anybody here can solve my problem?

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    I'm not sure why you are using "net rpc join", since samba can join a domain if configured to do so.

    Assuming you have a primary domain controller, you can configure your samba domain client as follows:
    security = domain
    workgroup = [my_workgroup_name]
    password server = [my_pdc_hostname]
    For example, one my network, I'd configure my machine named venus to login to the domain hosted by mercury:
    security = domain
    workgroup = TicTek
    password server = mercury
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    I did the same thing on the same distro today

    as above but I had to add to smb.conf

    Realm = MyDomain
    and then issue command

    net join member adminuser
    see if that works for you

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    Please forgive my newbness, I've been working with Linux for a whole 5 hours.

    I am trying to get my SuSe machine onto my Windows 2K Test Domain and have tried the following:

    ddegrass@linux:~> smbpasswd -j <DOMAIN> -r <Servername> -U<Username>%<password>

    ...and got this back:

    See 'net join' for this functionality

    Then I tried the "net join" command with various switches and keep getting:

    [2006/10/02 09:04:04, 0] utils/net_ads.c:ads_startup(191)
    ads_connect: No such file or directory

    Unable to find a suitable server

    Unable to find a suitable server

    So I did some more searching and found this thread which I would like to give a try. I do have a few questions. So here goes:

    1) Do I have to setup this PC on the Domain Controller first or can I register the computer from the PC side?
    2) where is the smb.conf file located?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    I actually got a little further I thinkand by further I mean I got some interesting errors. I added the IP of the PDC in the net join syntax:

    ddegrass@linux:~> net join -w <Domain> -S<Servername> -I10.128.14.14 -UAdministrator
    Administrator's password:
    [2006/10/02 16:58:07, 0] utils/net_ads.c:ads_startup(191)
    ads_connect: No such file or directory
    [2006/10/02 16:58:07, 0] passdb/secrets.c:secrets_init(64)
    Failed to open /etc/samba/secrets.tdb
    [2006/10/02 16:58:07, 0] utils/net_rpc.c:rpc_oldjoin_internals(271)
    error storing domain sid for ENGTEST
    [2006/10/02 16:58:08, 0] passdb/secrets.c:secrets_init(64)
    Failed to open /etc/samba/secrets.tdb
    [2006/10/02 16:58:08, 0] utils/net_rpc_join.c:net_rpc_join_newstyle(336)
    error storing domain sid for ENGTEST
    Unable to join domain ENGTEST.

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    Joining Samba to ads/nt domain

    prefix the command with sudo. Root privileges required

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