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    Boa webserver in powerpc linux

    Hi all,

    I m trying to run boa web server in my target powerpc board. I have cross compiled and run boa in my target board. I get the following error: gethostbyname::connection time out. How do i fix it? I m able to run boa successfully in my ubuntu machine.

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    are you using an ip address or a hostname in your boa config file?

    just guessing, but is the hostname of your target board resolvable? i.e., if you hostname is "powerpc", can you do:

    ping powerpc
    you can add an entry for your hostname in the file "/etc/hosts". e.g., if your ip address is, you could add this line to it:

    Code:    powerpc
    also, is there an /etc/nsswitch.conf file on your target board?

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    Yes, there is an /etc/nsswitch.conf in the target board. I added the ip address and hostname to /etc/hosts and it got the server running. Thanks!

    But when i type my ipaddr in the browser, I am not able to view my cgi script. I get 502 bad gate way error. I got the same error when i tried running boa from my pc. But i fixed it by stripping the CR characters from the script. But the same does not work in my target board.

    I changed the Content-type line in my script as

    echo -e "Content-type: text/html\r\n\r\n" and It worked!
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    Though I was able to run my cgi script, I am not able to view the html documents placed in the httpd folder. I get a blank page in the browser. What could be the reason?

    I created new index.html file and placed it in the /httpd/html folder. And it worked!
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