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    Features of a PC used for Web Hosting

    Hi Guys

    I want to use my home PC for web hosting.

    What are the features of a PC used for Web Hosting in terms of, HHD size, RAM, processor, etc.

    Bandwidth issues, ADSL speed, etc.


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    You need to decide what kind of web site you want, how much traffic you expect, how many virtual hosts you intend to support (i.e. hostnames on a given IP), whether you think you need multiple IP addresses.

    Is your site going to support access to a database, i.e. is it going to be a LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) server or something equivalent)?

    If you expect high traffic, you probably want SDSL (Symmetric DSL) rather than ADSL, but if the traffic will be low initially, keep the cheaper ADSL.

    Hard disks are cheap these days, so get a big one. Allow for RAM expansion. A multicore CPU is desirable, especially if you expect a lot of traffic and lots of database access.

    Have a good backup scheme, both for configuration files and for web pages and database data.

    That's about all the advice I can give without further information.

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    If you want your home pc to be a host server, I assume not so high traffic. In my case, I've got an old 1U server for $100 which had 2 x HT Xeon CPU(3Ghz), 1 x 72GB SCSI HDD, 4GB RAM, and 2 x 1gbps NIC with 5M(upload)/20M(download). Well, the server is set up as a LAMP. It is loaded with Mindtouch as a content management app. It takes up about 8~14% CPU load all together for each request. So, I guess it can handle about 10 requests simultaneously without hesitation, which translate 100 concurrent users. Ram usage never goes over 2GB which makes 4GB swap useless.

    So, I guess if you have a Dual core CPU with above 2GB of RAM and a HDD which I think much larger than 72GB, it will do. Hope this help you. Good luck!

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