In some vlan in our Layer3 switch we have VLAN with to subnets, it calls “multinet” , 1 subnet is and the second is
We have dhcp relay(ip-helper) in our Layer3 switch and BOOTP are configure in our Layer3 switch, the BOOTP are going to one subnet and it cannot serve the other subnet in the same vlan.

Its look like this in the Layer3 switch:
vlan 11
name "QA"
untagged A5-A9,A11
ip helper-address
ip helper-address
ip address
ip address
tagged B1,B4,B8,B11,B23,C4,C8,D1
ip bootp-gateway

And that how it look on the dhcp server (just the BOOTP part):

option routers;
allow booting;
allow BOOTP;

I don’t know for what I need this allow BOOTP option? If I remove it, its can damage the dhcp ip lease?
What BOOTP actually does? I have worked with windows dhcp and I can’t remember the BOOTP option, This is old option that I can remove? or its allow the PXE option or somthing like that on the server boot process?

Thanks you very much