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    Samba PDC Migrations

    Hi to all Linux-Guru,

    I plan to upgrade my old PDC server which on Centos 4.2, samba 3.0.28 to new hardware and new centos 64 bits. Is there a way to migrate all the settings,users, passwords from old samba to the new servers? As there are currently >50 users connected to the samba server and there will be a lot of works if i implement from the scratch. Appreciate for the reply & guideline~ Thank you~

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    Migrating a PDC Server

    Scenario 1 : You have a separate /home partition

    1. While installing new OS format all partitions except /home partition and mount it as /home itself.
    2. After installing change to /home directory and list the files.
    ls -l
    3. In the place of owner and group it will be showing UID & GID
    4. Create the new users with the same UID and GID, so that all the permissions will be retained.
    useradd -u <UID> -g <GID> -d /home/userdir username
    5. I hope u can handle rest of the Samba installation stuff..

    Scenario 2 : You don't have a separate /home partition

    Sorry you have to backup the data to another hard disk and repeat same as scenario 1.

    I advice you to backup and restore since CentOS 4.2 has ext2 partition. You can format to most reliable ext4 if you are installing new OS and the restore your /home data from backup.

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