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    Best OS for a file server

    I would like to set up a Linux based file server on a wireless network! The other comps are running windows xp on a wireless Lan because their are a few laptops in the setup as well! I need to set up a file server because im both running out of space on some of the laptops and need to get files when on any of the comps. I have a D-link wireless ADSL router which they connect to and where my internet comes in. I would therore like to know which is hte best OS to run on the server (which i have to biuld but will be basically a PC with lots of storage as it only has to serve about 12 comps) and whether it would be possible to run it as a domain! I am also looking into converting some of the pcs over to Fedora Core 3.

    Thanks in Advance


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    Hi, personnaly Debian is a great OS.
    easely customisable, runs great...
    as for file server, I would suspect that they pretty much would all run alike (minus the smaller releases) the filesystem are the same and such...

    as for Debian, you could get the "stable" stage release with a minimal install and install the required file directly from the server once you've set things up...

    Mandrake is nice too but I find it a little more "memory consuming", taking in fact that my Debian is "minimal" and MDK has a few things running that might just be it.... but in general, I think that all the "major" releases are just as great.
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    Thats great thanks.

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