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    Active/Active postfix mailserver


    Presently running a postfix+mysql+Dovecot Solution for multiple domains to us.All working perfectly well.In order to keep extra layer of hardware failover we wanted to impliment some sort of redundancy to our mail server.

    We are in no mood to have a external storage like SAN/NAS.But wanted to have redundancy for incoming and outgoing mails.
    Can you suggest me some solution for this.
    Solution 1:-
    Is it something if we create some additional mail server and point backup mx to it?In this case I believe possibilty that mails will be delivered to this server if primary server goes down.But pop/smtp credentials required to be changed to backup mail server too.Also what is the possibilty to move the database (mysql in this case as we want to keep the transaction of all communication) from backup mx server to primary mx,when primary comes up again?
    Solution 2:-
    Is there any possibilty if we can have two servers running and configured database on both the servers and synced among them.We can have two or more NIC configured there on each server and dedicated each for database and other for network traffic.Use some virtual IP which is mapping the physical ip of server1 and server2 in this case.Mx required to point to this virtual ip and something like that.But do not know how would A record and associated mx will work here as fqdn for both the server will be the diffirent.
    On gateway we are using a UTM which can act as load balancer/failover and mx can be pointed there (fqdn assigned) and port forwarded to virtual ip.
    Am I thinking on correct lines?If yes do let me know how to have virtual ip for both the hosts and how to use the database sync?

    Awaiting expert views on this.


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    hi ,

    according to my knowledge, my company using 2 mail server, one is for primary other one is backup, both system synchronizing. If one server down backup server will be primary ( this is doing from DNS).
    also you can use RAID system, if one server down, take one of the HDD and put in to the other server ( this should be prepared because, you can't immediately plug without configured as RAID).
    you can backup sql schema to another server. every day, like incremental backup. then you can restored to server when you need, this will can happen from scripting.

    this all three we are doing, i cant explain a lot about this, because i dont how to configure this, our seniors doing this, if there anything you cant do i try to ask from them and let you know

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