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    Mysql fails to start - mysqld service is running...

    Last night I ran a new backup scripts that did a mysql dump of all data. Today the server was running fine, and then started to loose connection to certain tables. When I tried
    service mysqld restart
    it gave me an error:

    "chown: cannot access `/var/lib/mysql\r': No such file or directory"
    . With that \r it looked as if a file was in the wrong format.

    I opened the the /etc/my.cnf and set the format to unix with:

    set fileformat=unix
    and saved it.

    Now restarting the mysqld gives me:

    Timeout error occurred trying to start MySQL Daemon.
    The /etc/my.cnf file error log is pointing to /var/log/mysqld.log but that is blank.

    Would removing mysql and reinstalling it help? I'm keeping that as a last resort if it's just a file or setting problem. The script I ran just used a simple

    mysqldump --user=myuser --password=mypass--all-databases --add-drop-table > /media/usbdisk/WebBackups/tmp_backup/backup.sql
    When I do status check on mysqld it says it's running... but fails to start.

    I've set the permission of my.cnf to 644 owned by root.

    I think a key to this is getting the error logs, but they don't seem to be writing. Any ideas why?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I found a suggestion to check if there was anything that could be deleted out of the /var folder. I opened up about 500mb and mysql was able to connect. Not sure why those are associated, but it worked.

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