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    LogAnalysis Tool


    Due to my semester project I am searching a LogAnalysis Tool for Linux platforms.
    The tool should offer following functionalities:
    - support Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS
    - analyse as much as possible system logs
    - deployable for >100 servers
    - central administration on one host (preferable with web-interface)
    - notification on irregularity. the customer wishes one report per day which shows if everything is ok or it should contain the issues.
    the customer already runs nagios for live-monitoring. so nagios-plugins would be also possible.

    i have already found some possible suitable tools but maybe you can give me some additional inputs and field reports.


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    Hi and welcome

    you are actually asking for multiple parts.
    - aggregation
    - central storage
    - analysis
    - alerting
    - reports

    Aggregation and central storage can be provided via rsyslog.
    rsyslog is a highly advanced syslog daemon and offers syslog via tcp, guaranteed delivery, high precision time stamps, templates, etc etc
    Analysis can be done with the webtool LogAnalyser, reports via a LogAnalyser plugin.

    As for alerts. This should be part of the monitoring solution (e.g. nagios) and imho happen on each host.
    a) For performance reasons
    b) To cut out a middle man. If the central loghost should go down, this is bad enough. But there is no reason why this should also shut down the logfile based alerting.
    It is a long time since I used nagios, so unfortunately I cannot recommend a nagios plugin right away.

    rsyslog and LogAnalyzer are here:
    The enhanced syslogd for Linux and Unix rsyslog
    Adiscon LogAnalyzer - syslog web viewer, analysis and reporting tool

    Both can be used freely on unix platforms and you can purchase commercial support if you wish to.
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    Splunk could also fulfill your needs(I think). This is the link to their homepage: h t t p: //w w w. splunk. com (without the spaces then)

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    ELSA looks quite promising, I will try it on a VM.
    Thanks for the hint
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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