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    GFS Local File System


    I want to setup GFS2 as local file system in Centos. Currently it using LVM ext3.

    Does anyone have experience it? Please here if you have tutorial.


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    Install the package that contains the mkfs.gfs2 binary for your distro, e.g.:
    yum install gfs2-utils
    Then read the man page, e.g.:

    man mkfs.gfs2
    As you can see from the examples therein, you'll want to ultimately run something like:

    mkfs.gfs2 -t mycluster:mygfs2 -p lock_dlm -j 2 /dev/vg0/myvol

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    Can this implement after installation with LVM2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zabidin5417 View Post
    Can this implement after installation with LVM2?
    if you mean LVM2 vs LVM, then I'm not sure, but I would guess "yes". if you mean LVM in general, then as their own examples reference LVM volume groups (e.g., /dev/vg0/mygfs2), then I would definitely say "yes" (but haven't tested that myself).

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    Currently i have server setup with LVM2. But we cannot make backup because of agent from IBM CommVault need to use GFS2 file system. So is there corrupt file system if i implement this GFS2 on current system?

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    There is no way I could say. Look around on google for example cases that apply to your situation.

    At the very least, what I would do is set up a spare server (preferably the same hardware) with the same distro version, filesystem layout, software load, etc. and attempt to create the local GFS2 on that system.

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