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    Opinions on FTP server

    It's rather simple... I want to run a FTP server again and curious for input. The last time I ran one was with windows and war ftp. It did great and I was only allowing people I knew to access it. I'm considering allowing a few random users and I no longer use windows though. Security is much more important than it once was.

    With that being said, what would be the consensus on a secure ftp server with some type of anonymity without killing speed? I'm assuming IP masquerading possibly?

    Any thoughts?

    Elija - If you see this, I just saw your post on a different thread from some time ago about "ROSA"... Looks interesting and might have to check it out...

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    You could use VSFTPD or ProFTPD. VSFTPD is the default on many Linux distributions including RHEL, Fedora and related distros.

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    Instead of running your own service, you could just use one of the available cloud storages.

    If you do want to host it yourself, then maybe OwnCloud is for you.
    Other than that, there is scp or rsync over ssh, which both are based on a ssh daemon.

    Imho, ftp is a bit deprecated (and thatīs a good thing. Ugly protocol)
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    Why not just use openSSH and one of the free DNS services? I'm not sure what you're exposing that you'd consider allowing anonymous access, but if someone is using my system remotely, I wanna know who it is. 2 cents...

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    I had good relusts with pureftpd. You may also find a gui to configure it easily, with gadmin-pureftp.

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    VSFTP has worked well for me and I use it securely with ssh.

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