Hi ,

I am using msmtp client and getting below error in msmtp logs while sending email :

errormsg='network read error: the operation timed out' exitcode=EX_IOERR

I get this failure when authentication is enabled . When authentication is
not enabled , I do not get this error and emails are sent successfully
which tells me that there is no network problem.

Any clue would be appreciated.

Below is the config file I am using in case of failure :

account default
timeout 20
port 25
logfile /tmp/msmtp.log
domain []
auto_from off
from ashut-42MFMW1...
tls_cert_file /etc/certs/host.crt
tls_key_file cv/private/host.key
tls_starttls on
tls_force_sslv3 off
tls_certcheck off
tls on
auth login
user "ashut..."
password "ashu_123"