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    setting up a raid config with ubuntu server

    I have recently setup ubuntu server 12.04 (no gui) on my old pc. Then I decided I wanted to fool around with it for real and run backups and a raid config.

    So I bought two 1TB internal hdd's and a 2TB external for the backups. I have a 320GB internal that I am currently running the OS on and plan to have that dedicated to it and my swap (unless that is a bad Idea and I should push the extra space onto the raid if possible).

    Not sure what kind of raid I should do since I plan on doing backups maybe weekly or monthly.

    I was thinking of raid1 but since my data will be backed up relatively regularly then I thought maybe that was too redundant and unnecessary and a waste of my space.. I have a lot of music and pictures and games on the upwards of 700GB or so.

    So Now I'm thinking of a raid0 with my safety net as my external backups.

    I was wondering if I should reinstall and setup completely new with the server raid software from the cd.

    Also, I was planning on running samba but wasn't sure of special gets of it.


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    Never rely on Raid-0 as backup IMO.

    RAID-0 should only really be used if you need the performance boost, but don't need redundancy. Reason for this is that if ANY of your drives in a raid-0 fail, your backup is gone, completely irreversible. No way to get it back.

    Now, yes, it is a backup, so I guess you still have the primary data, but IMO, I would still prefer to know that failed drives won't cause me to lose all backups.

    For this reason, I would rather go with RAID-1, or if you can stretch to it, RAID-5 (3+ drives with 1 drive lost for parity).

    As for setting it upo, there's not really any real need to reinstall, you should be able to configure the raid (either within the GUI if you have it, or through mdadm if not).
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