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    Question dns/autofs question: how to share one NFS export at two sites

    I have two sites (SiteA and SiteB) developing software. The software build process relies on a directory called /auto/share. There are various tools required to complete a software build hosted in that directory. As it stands, SiteA has the NFS share hosted locally and can complete the build very quickly, where SiteB takes a very long time since the link between the buildings is 20mb.

    I have spoke to the owners of the build process about making the location of "/auto/share" a variable somewhere in the build process and they said it would be too large of a change to make, so they're not going to entertain that idea.

    So what I did is created a rsync copy of /auto/share from SiteA to /auto/share2 at SiteB. Now that i have a local copy at both sites, how can i create the illusion that /auto/share is coming from the local NFS server?

    I've thought about two options:

    Option 1 - have two separate DNS entries at each site.

    SiteA: points to

    SiteB: points to

    The downside is that we would potentially have a completely separate DNS system hosted for the sole purpose of a DNS hack.

    Option 2- same thing, but use /etc/hosts - sloppy, but it can get the trick done (we use puppet)

    there's also a third option, but i haven't quite figured out how this would work. Perhaps its possible to change the auto maps in NIS to be separate for each site.

    I am hoping somebody can nudge me in the right direction here on the forum, as i have been pondering this problem for the last week.


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    If you're using puppet, I'd go with Option 2.

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