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    changing User Unknown Error code & maximum email size

    I am trying to change the default error message when a users email account doesn't exist on our Linux mail server.

    so instead of 550 <>... User unknown error message


    something like 550 <>... User unknown, please email, Thanks

    I don't know Linux to well, just how to logon, navigate around directories and edit text files (using VI). We are a small company with only 12 people and the mail server uses
    Red Hat Linux 5.2 (Apollo) 2.0.36
    mail program used is SendMail

    Take it this 550 error message is in a text file somewhere??

    Also can anyone tell me how to change the limiting size of outgoing emails within Linux sendmail? Our ISP said that the limit is 5Mb maximum email size but we can only send about 3Mb maximum so take it that the Linux mail server is restricting this. (maximum message limit exceeded message)

    Thanks for any help..


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    For bounced messages you need to change the entry
    ErrorHeader=/path-to the -file in the file
    or you can define the confERROR_MESSAGE during the m4 compilation.
    In the /path-to-the-file you can specify whatever text you want.

    I do not know how to specify the max size of an outgoing message ,i guess the size does not matter, sendmail just sends the e-mail out, you can increase the timeout value though and see whether that works...maybe the sending part just timesout or somethg..
    MaxMessageSize specifies the max size of an incoming message.

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