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    Confused about maildrops on linux

    So the old way of storing mail in Linux was called the mbox format. This stored mail in typically a single /var/spool/mail/username flat file correct?

    Now the only realistic way to do it is the new way called maildir. Does everyone use maildir now? Is that the best and only way to do it?

    Can I take an old slackware server from 2002 and convert it from mbox to maildir? Or do I need a new linux distribution?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yeah it is confusing at first!

    You can still use mbox if you want but it's not the most efficient way nowadays and if you have a lot of users it would be a mistake. Read this for a quick overview:

    MailboxFormat - Dovecot Wiki

    There are a bunch of different ways to migrate to a different format and which you choose depends on how your mailserver is used really (just you or 1000's of users). I am in the middle of a massive migration of email users in my current job and have chosen to use Debian OS, Dovecot and maildir format and migrating from Cyrus Imap on an old solaris box. Using ImapSync I was able to script a migration of all user accounts to a new server and as it operates over IMAP, it is entirely transparent! If you want to do this wihtout users noticeing (apart from the fact existing sessions will be lost, forcing them to login again) then I also recommend setting up a proxy, I use Perdition as it supports SSL transparently, IMAP, POP and Sieve!

    Best of luck, feel free to ask if you want to know more.

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