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    Unable to check email

    Hello all,

    I'm posting this here after posting it on and getting zero response after several days. Hopefully someone here can tell me what's wrong.

    When attempting to check email for accounts created automatically or manually, I can only read mail via web mail. Any client app I try to use (Outlook and an anti-spam program I use) will have one of the two following results:

    1) If the email account is the primary for the domain I will receive a message that the account is locked or in use when they are not. This has happened on every single one, whether I try to read webmail first or not.

    2) For secondary accounts the password is never accepted, again this happens on every single secondary on multiple domains.

    I have created numerous email accounts, and used them successfully prior to this from a reseller account on a shared host. Now I'm on a dedicated server and nothing is working as I'm used to. I have checked for the existence of inbox.lock files, as I've seen mentioned elsewhere, but there are none on the drive.

    I'm using Cpanel 9.9.9-R14 and WHM 9.9.9. Some of the email accounts were created using the backup and restore. But the result is the same as accounts I create manually. This is REALLY frustrating. Any help is appreciated. And please be complete in your response, I'm not as familiar with Linux and all the programs as I hope to be some day.


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    Anyone have any ideas on this??

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    Well, the Cpanel folks helped me out with this. The problem was that both VMpop3 and CPPop were running, and conflicting. This was out of the box from the company I'm renting the server from, so they configured it incorrectly.

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    Not familiar with Cpanel sorry.
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