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    OpenVPN Server issue.

    I'm having two internet services, DSL and P1 broadband and I have my own openVPN server located at Hong Kong.

    When I connected to P1 and VPN. There is no issue.

    But When I connected to DSL internet services and VPN, I was unable to access google, yahoo and most of the webistes (The page cannot be loaded successfully and page in loading stage) but only can loaded There was no issue at all for

    I've done all the troubleshoot steps with the ISP of DSL internet service, and the data center where my server located, No reason found.
    ping and traceroute were no problem at all. Just unsucessful load the page.

    My DSL internet service's DNS server is pointing to and I even tried to access with google's IP, still having same issue.

    My DSL internet service was come with a DSL modem and follow by a wireless router. I ever passed by the router, problem had not been resolved.

    If I disconnected VPN, everything was back to normal. Anyone know why?

    I don't think is network issue, because ping and traceroute are able to reach to the destination.
    I don't think is openvpn issue, because I'm able to access and all its child pages.

    My last choice is will replace DSL modem and wireless router with a single DSL+router. I'm not sure whether can solve the problem or not. Anyone experienced this problem before and any advice?

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    My guess is that your DSL service may be inside China proper, so has to apply the "Great Firewall" rules, and block your vpn to all but "approved" sites.
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