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    Connection to Windows 2000 Domain Server with Linux station?

    Hi ya all,

    I work in an office that is Windows to the core. the computer workstations that we have is a Windows 98 computer with 32 MB of RAM if you can believe that.

    Our server is Windows 2000 and run as a doman server. All the other workstations are Windows XP.

    The reason we have the W98 computer is that the company is going through a cash crunch and got the computer, which had been sitting around for ages, thinking, as most non-computer folk do, that a computer is a computer and da, le, da.....

    Anyway I want to put Linux on it, Gentoo, and set it up to interact with the Windows 2000 server.

    Now my questions are these...

    Can it be set up under Linux to log in in the same sort of way that the Login appears under Windows? Namely with a user name, password, and domain entry boxes appearing in the login?

    Once in, will I be able to access files stored in Home Folders on the server through the Linux workstation using OpenOffice and such, in a way that will allow one to make changes and save them to the server? Or will I need to set up Samba to do run interference and interact directly with the server?

    If I need Samba, why? What is the theory of Samba in terms of why it is needed?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have permission to do all this and I want to do it, both from the standpoint of learning more myself and getting a Linux box into our company as a start but I am not sure if it can be done smoothly enough to make it worthwhile.

    The only reason we need the workstation is to work on Excel spreadsheets (OpenOffice should suffice), browse (Firefox), do simple email (Thunderbird), and to run a legacy application through a VPN tunnel to the server (instead of running it throught XP's Remote Connection program). The legacy application is a contact management software that has no Linux version and is a MUST!

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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    I'm looking for a solution for the same issue too.
    Anyone can help us ?


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    Well I am trying to *FIX* my Samba related problems but I'll try and help you get started:

    Samba and Winbind along with Kerberos are how linux and windows can share and login with each other.

    basicaly SAMBA is the windows SMB and file shareing bits.

    Winbind seems to be new (from old samba stuff) and is trying to help with the login and lookup functions.

    when configured right a Linux / UNIX client will "Look like" a WIndows client to a WIndows box.

    so yes you can share files, printers, network logins and perhaps other stuff.

    there are several ways you can do this:

    the "Ideal" way is that you get Winbind and samba to allow your local linux box to login to the windows domain as if it was anoither pc and then just do your thing....

    this means that you do not create login accounts localy.

    another way is by creating special smbpasswd / smbuser records on the linux box and then maping them to a valid windows user account.

    that way means you have to sync accounts and keep files on the linux box that store that data.

    hope that sheds some light on it....

    now if I can just get my linux client to work with the current samba / winbind !

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