I have a problem with connecting to qemu guest virtual machine by using SPICE with clients:

  • spicec
  • spicy

Spicec works, but it automatically grabs my keyboard/mouse, which is undesirable, because then I cannot use my host system shortcuts anymore. On the following link I was reading that it's possible to disable automatic keyboard/mouse grab by setting SPICE_NOGRAB to 1: lists.freedesktop.org/archives/spice-devel/2013-September/014643.html

The following command doesn't work, and spicec will still grab my keyboard/mouse:

# export SPICE_NOGRAB=1; spicec -h -p 5900

Spicy doesn't grab keyboard/mouse by default, which is ok, but when connecting to the virtual machine, the screen doesn't get updated. When I connect to the guest VM and start a program like Chrome, it starts, but isn't visible on the screen. The really weird part is that if I move my mouse over the desktop, the mouse pointer will change whenever occurring the screen border, letting me resize the window although I don't see it. If I reconnect with spicy I can see the window now and it's like this for everything I do regarding screen updating: closing the window, starting a new program, pressing the start menu, etc.

Any ideas how to solve any of the above problems?