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    Question Server Virtualization Comparisons/best suited

    Hi All

    Im a reasonably noob to setting up servers, however am learning (crash course) on how best to set up a Linux based server with virtualization.
    I am in the process of trying different VM software and Linux builds at present. (am liking Debian as a the guest web server at present!)

    I am now looking at Xen Hypervisor and XenServer, but am finding it difficult to work out what is best for my needs.

    I have tried VM ESXi and vSphere vClient and think this would be prefect, however the cost is too much for my needs.
    So i am looking for something similar... if anyone can please help

    I like the sound of XenServer as it seems more logical how it is installed/setup on the server without the need for a "base" linux OS as with Xen Hypervisor (which says i need to install Debian on the server first). (i hope i am making sense here....)
    If anyone could offer me their opinions on which would be best (most like vSphere) or correct me if i am worrying about nothing with having a base OS installed.
    (PS my dilemma is being caused by XenServer sounding the best to me, yet the reviews seem to put Xen Hypervisor as the best, but i cant not understand why).

    OR if there is a better option still, please do let me know

    (i will probably try installing all options and play with each one for a few days to see if it suits me).


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    Depends on what you comfortable working in, KVM is very popular but it is mainly a command line tool. If you want a GUI tool then VirtualBox may suit you. I have done KVM on Debian for servers in past and worked fine and used VirtualBox a lot for virtual development servers and testing configuations.

    Main Page - KVM

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    Virtual Server Over Laptop Dell

    Hi all,
    I am going to start a long journey to learn about many systems (including Windows) and I need to create a VM server to host some Windows servers VMs as well as some Linux servers.

    I have (only) a laptop Dell (details below), and I am looking for a Linux distro plus a Virtual Machine management software that do not "strangle" my laptop while I have, at least two VM running simultaneously.

    My need includes a simple + free + lightweight set of systems running on my laptop.
    PS: Probably I am going to use the Linux host for ordinaries daily activities (emails, internet navigation, play movies and so on).

    Best regards,
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