I have a strange problème with squid Here is a copy of a message I already send to the dedicated squid mailing list (no answer for now) :

We have a really old server with Debian 3.1 and squid 2.5.
All is working well.
But, yes, time to upgrade We want to switch for a new
hardware, running centos 6.3 and squid 3.4.2

To switch servers, we just shutdown the old one,
(after taking the configuration file) and use his IPs on the new one.

For most of our customers, it worked. But for some of them, It didn't.
We found that when we try to send a file using a "put" inside an SSL tunnel,
something goes wrong.

Client IP :
He need to connect (https) and send files to and

We took the squid log file (cache.log) in debug mode. But it's really hard
for me to read something useful inside. The access log don't show anything
special :

13/Feb/2014:17:38:01 - S= D=frhtinet02 -
frhtinet02:443 - - 1589 131364
13/Feb/2014:17:40:21 - S= D=frhtinet01 - TCP_MISS/200 CONNECT
frhtinet01:443 - - 1582 200513
13/Feb/2014:17:40:51 - S= D=frhtinet02 - TCP_MISS/200 CONNECT
frhtinet02:443 - - 1589 129490
13/Feb/2014:17:42:04 - S= D=frhtinet01 - TCP_MISS/200 CONNECT
frhtinet01:443 - - 1582 132196

(note that frhtinet01 is and frhtinet02 is

The cache.log file between 2014/02/13 17:40:00 and 2014/02/13 17:42:59.490 is
available here (https)
ftpext.bouyguestelecom.fr/cache.log?local_ident=6125350&u=6xsQ3VN2LNyWTJN2hc 3UeVeoR6Fiseo

EDIT : There is of course no space in this url, but I can't remove it here (?)

(this file will only stay online for 7 days)
Warning, there are other transfers occurring at that time, that the one we're
talking about.
For example all url with "ptlfrtsoap" in them are irrelevant.

The only error I found inside this log, that could be link to our case is :
tunnel.cc ( 428 ) error : local= remote= FD 21
flags=1: read/write failure: (104) Connection reset by peer

But the server we are trying to connect to for sending files don't seems to
have any problems.
If we go back with the old box (debian 3.1/squid 2.5) all is working well.

I really need to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance for all leads, or help in anyway. (advice about good company for squid with paid support and so on)