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    Which webserver values have biggest impact on website load time?


    on a webserver (apache, mysql, php), which values comes to your mind can have bigges impact on a website load time?

    we talking about webserver which host like 100 websites, mostly a classic wordpress blog.

    I have keep alive turned on. Now i want to do some test playing with various values of apache, php, so if you can give advice on my testing? thx
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    what about external links (to images, fonts, etc.) embedded in the html? they cause individual http requests which can really jack w/load time. you also want to stay away from dynamically resizing images, and instead pre-generating appropriately sized thumbnails.

    with mysql, i always try to make sure that i am never repeating any queries in a single page load.

    no exp w/php.

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    100 sites on one virtual server? Why not spinup more virtual servers and split the load up.

    There are load generators for apache and mysql you can specify a load run it and monitor what's going on.
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    It can vary by site.

    Some Firefox extensions that will help:

    Firebug's "Net" tab will show you an overview of what is taking the longest for a particular page
    HTTPFox will let you get down and dirty with request / responses
    YSlow will score a page against current best performance practices.

    [edit]Apparently there is a version conflict with YSlow at the moment but the bookmarklet works.[/edit]
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