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    creating a guest account on a smb server

    Hi sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum.

    I have a NAS setup with a external hard drive connected to a raspberry pi acting as the server and using smb protocol.

    Currently their is only one account that will allow mobile devises to access the entire hdd with the correct password login. however i want to create a separate guest account for other people to still access the hdd but only be able to access certain folders on it. Is this possible and if so how?

    I want to be the main admin having full access to the hdd but have a separate guest account for all others to log into but only make certain folders accessible to them.


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    hello and welcome, morgiee!

    i've moved your thread to the Servers forum, where it'll hopefully attract some attention.

    In the mean time, check out your smb.conf file (typically /etc/samba/smb.conf). at the bottom are defined the shares. you basically want to add a stanza there for a new directory/share and add a new username there. then create that user on your system using smbpasswd.

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    Thanks for this I will look into it so stanza is an executable command? And from creating this I an create a command stating what folders they can and can't see? Thanks

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    Still struggling with this anyone able to help me how to create another login account called guest and set folder permissions so that they can only access certain ones.


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    Thanks i looked at this but their is loads to take in and i dont think my setup is the same. Here is my smb.conf setup at the moment:

    (see attatchments)

    I believe this set-up is for anyone to access when i login with my username and password. But i want to make a second account e.g username: Guest so they can log in on their own but once they are logged in certain folders i dont want them to access and other i do so am i able to create a directory in my smb.conf so that i can specify by folder name what they can access only?

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