i want to move from my Fedora 19 x64 Amahi to an LTS server distro. i don't really want to do it all from the beginning every 1-2 years. I'm leaning towards CentOS 7 but my main problem is that i want to have latest releases from Deluge and Transmission. As far as i know CentOS and Debian are slow to upgrade their software (in Debian deluge is still in 1.3.3). Its really crucial that i have the latest releases of these software. my server is headless and i dont really have the time to compile each time the latest, just the occasional updates from time to time.

the things i use in my server:

RAID 1(but i can live without it)

the only reason i'm using amahi right now is the automatic DDNS service which is extremely useful. but after upgrading my ADSL to VDSL, new router supports No-IP in ddns providers so all is good.

So my question is which distro will server my needs best? Centos,Debian,SME server, something else? (please NO ubuntu)

thnx in advance