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    Linux Virtual Server


    I am trying to set up a computer lab for a private school. We currently have a handful of older computers running various windows os. I just built a new computer for the main server of the school that will run our security cameras and video editing software. I would like to set up our computers in the school with edubuntu or something of that nature but I came across the Linux Virtual Server Project and I'm curious if this might be a better fit for what we're doing.

    Rather than have all of the student and teacher PC's on the network as thin clients that will just draw from our main server I was wondering if I could use the LVS as one huge mega server and each workstation would boot from LAN to the network but the virtual server would be able to use the PC's hard drive rather than the client.

    I figure that when the students aren't using the PC's that they could all work together loadbalanced to run video editing software for rendering and such like a beowulf cluster. For now I plan on just installing edubuntu but I want to explore my options more and study this out so that we can find the best possible fit.

    We have a private K-12 school and we try to offer as much as we can to our students. We've been introducing the kids to video editing for our TV program and we would like to grow a media department with video, audio and 3d animation for them. LVS is a little out of my league at the moment and the documentation isn't as easy to understand as the ubuntu server setup with edubuntu so I'll have to get more educated as well. I hope that someone can point me in the right direction for this.

    Thank You

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    I think in your case you should just use regular edubuntu workstations. Setting up what you are suggesting might not be impossible, but if something breaks and your school's entire computer system goes out, it's not going to be good.

    However, if you think you have an idea of something that might work really well, go ahead and give it a try on a small scale basis. Just be confident you know what you're doing with the software before all your users are dependent on it, so if something breaks you can actually fix it.

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    You need to just work with standard edubuntu workstations.



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    Load Balancing for both UDP and TCP in the Same Configuration

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to set up a simple LVS configuration that will forward TCP and UDP packets based on the source IP for a specified duration. I need to ensure that the UDP and TCP packets get to the same Real Server for a complex service protocol (windows print spooler).

    Can I say Protocol: ANY?

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