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    Lightbulb Looking for advice regarding file server set up for a media agency


    I am trying to come up with a better file server configuration at work than what we currently have.

    Note that I am not exactly a sys admin, but feel free to talk as technical as you want. I can do some research, read some manuals and figure out what you are saying.

    Basically, our previous backup script which ran every day at midnight failed and corrupted some indexes etc (I don't know the technical details) when it tried backing up around 500gb that we added that day. Hence we disabled those automated backups.
    At the moment, we dont have automated backups, meaning that we have to backup stuff manually, which is a pain. Though we do have raid 5 setup so one disk can fail and we will be ok.

    The server is connected to a 1Gbps internal network.

    We use this server to do most work. This means that lots of files might be open on the server by different users (not more then 10 - 20 users at any one time). For example, if a video project is open, it might need to use hundreds of files (could be many gigabytes), while at the same time another user might be editing photoshop files etc.

    Our requirements are pretty simple:

    - about 10TB live data currently, up to 1TB data added each month, usually less, but sometimes can be more.
    - Multiple users will be working with multiple files form the server.
    - Files might change a lot. Often. (project files will be very different tomorrow from today)
    - We also need a good backup strategy and implementation that can handle drastic file movements on the server without crashing (as thats one of the problems we had).
    - Ability to easily add more space to the server without having to change settings or configuration, or at least nothing complicated. For example, now we are running out of space and to add more drives we would need to reconfigure a lot of settings. Would be good if we could just pull out a smaller drive and push in a bigger one etc or something similar. Does not have to be hot swappable but would be nice. Also, are there any not crazily expensive ways to extent the max amount of drives a server can take?

    Anyway, the biggest thing that I need advice on is backups. How should it be configured in our case. Do we need any extra hardware or can it be done on the same computer as the file server. Is there anything else we need to consider before setting up this new file server and backups? We hope we can come up with some kind of solution that is robust (had to get this word in somewhere ) and expandible (disk capacity wise).

    Any kind of thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    You have your server and you back it up to what. Another disks?, tape? depending of you backup media maybe one night is not enough to move thar quantity of data. If possible check your backup logs and if that is the problem you probably may need to split your storage into several servers so the backup process can be run in paralell, or schedule full backups on weekends and incrementals on weekdays (if possible) or look for an advanced media storage like a SAN wich can handle advanced backup tools.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for your reply.

    We used to backup to disk using rsync.

    Do you think you need a powerful advanced server to do daily, weekly, monthly and long term (archive) backups? The backups only need to be incremental, so I think the majority of time spent during the backup is not copying new files but actually comparing the backup with the current state of the file server to determine what files need to be added to the backup. Lets say the server has about 10tb data, what kind of hardware would you think is sufficient and economic for that size? Any specific examples of solutions that you could recommend?


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