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    Difference between BIOS RAID and Linux kernel RAID?

    ... what is the difference, and which one's better?


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    Using BIOS raid may not allow you to move your drives to a new system. Kernel (software) raid will work better as it follows a known standard. It may be marginally slower, but I've never had an issue with it. I currently have several RAID-5 clusters in use without problems. If a drive fails, then replacing the drive has resulted in a clean rebuild afterward. Until the rebuild was complete, the array worked in a "degraded" fashion, but was still functional.
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    any web tuts for kernel RAID?

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    To offer another opinion, I suggest do not use kernel RAID, ever. If you have problems with it, it will be difficult to recover. Just search these forums for the countless threads of people that have problems and cannot get them fixed.

    I recommend hardware RAID if you're going to use RAID. If that's not an option, then I would 100% choose the BIOS software RAID.

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    what exactly is hardware RAID? is it just similar software implemented on some chip on the motherboard?

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