Hey guys. I've got a Scientific Linux box that I'm also using for FTP via VSFTPD. The FTP side is working great and I am using local Linux accounts for the FTP accounts.

I have created a Samba share called "ftpshares" so that my Windows users can copy data to the server to share via FTP. So far, so good. I am using a chmod mask (777) on the share so that all files that are created in "ftpshares" are read/write/execute for everyone. This allows the FTP users to create directories and access them as needed.

However, when an Apple/Mac user copies a file to the share, the chmod mask doesn't seem to be working. The files are copied with a 755 mask instead. This causes problems for the FTP users, since they are not part of the same group as the Apple users. Has anyone ran into this before? Any suggestions on how to force them to work the same way as they do for Windows users?