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    Apache Configuration (RH9)

    pls can someone help out

    I installed Apache 1.3.29 on my RH9 desktop, followed some tutorials. The installation went fine and I saw the Apache test page"u have successfully installed Apache....."

    I was also able to view(access) a sample index.html document I created on my linux machine from my windows xp laptop.

    I then started on another tutorial at (site1) (site2)
    and got stuck.

    From (site1), the commands: apachectl configtest, apachectl start,apachectl restart ,apachectl startssl, apachectl stop " dont work. They result in "command not found errors.

    From site2, (yes, i can see an 'htpasswd' file in my '/usr/local/apache/bin' directory, but when I try to create an htpasswd file, I get a "command not found" error.

    I guess the problem is that I havent added the command to my path as mentioned at site2. Pls how do I add the command to my path so that other commands too like the ones I mentioned above will work.


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    Linux Guru dylunio's Avatar
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    As for the first problem try
    httpd -k start
    as root, and change 'start' with whatever you want.

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    hi dylunio,

    the command 'httpd -k start' results in
    "-bash: httpd: command not found" error.

    I was root when I issued the command.


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    You already have it running if you can see it from your XP machine but the correct start is
    /etc/init.d/httpd restart
    You can do this to check it. It should say
    http shutting down [pass]
    httpd starting up [pass]
    if everything is ok.
    which is sounds like it is. Don't worry about creating passwords till you get everything running the way you like it.

    Find the file that is the test page which should be in /var/www/html
    It should be called index.html
    copy it
    cp index.html index.html.orig

    then edit the index.html file to say whatever you want to say and you will be a new addition to the internet.

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