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Thread: Server Help

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    Server Help

    I was wondering what distro would be the best for a web server. Its a 533Mhz with 256MB of RAM. I just want something that will take up less resource as possible (like idling in command line).

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    I like Red Hat 9.0 pro but almost every distro can serve web fine without X.
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    Slackware and Debian are excellent server distributions. Both are suitable for older hardware as well so they will run as smoothly as possible on your 533Mhz.
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    Slackware 10. ive got it running on a 233 mhz machien with 96 mb of ram

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    i have fedora core 3 running on 200mhz with 64 mb of ram.. in command line with.. runs just dandy..


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    i have fedora cre 3 running on a 233MHz and a 450MHz server, both run fine

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