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    the data access page is an html document saved outside the microsoft access project its just like any other html document.

    It can be saved to another over a network....the connection(connection string) between the DAPg and MS access, is that if the related table in the MSAccess project is modified, it will immediately reflect on the DAPg.

    It works fine on windows tho....

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    The access file will only run on windows with ms access installed.

    you need to script the page yourself and use a more cross platform dbase app.

    for what your doing you will need to setup mysql and learn to use that to create the dbase pages then (if your using windows you can use Dreamweaver to generate the dbase access code) or learn php to to do it.

    if you want a nice frontpage replacement check out bluefish.

    Quanta is ok but really its a programmers web editor.
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    thanks kpzani,

    thanks for your explanations.

    ill get to that and let you know how far...


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    I think you should wet a little bit in the code if you want some intranet cross-palatform web app. Specially if you implement you app's client side with platafom dependent solutions(like JScript instead of JavaScript, Not being able to detect the browser and its OS to deliver the appropiate special HTML tags (e.g tha use of layers in mozilla zaga and the alternative in IE zaga)). There are good WYSIWYG generating cross-plataform code out there, BUT TO AVOID CODE REVISION NIGHTMARE I SUGESST YOU TO USE THE MINIMAL COMMON FEUTURES TO ALL PLATAFORMS.

    If the database works fine in windows it should be ok to view the page from any RH or Mandrk host as long the access to database is quaritined in the server. IS A VEY BAD PRACTICE AND UNSAFE TO USE VBscript objects or JScript objects to access databases over http connections. Almost no body uses it. You can choose whatever plataform for your server and whatever implementation approch for your app. My personal suggestion is :

    If your intranet app will be linked directly to other apps :

    - Consider how many apps are in each plataform
    - The company's technology address (What will be the next wining plataform for the company)


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