Hi, I need help. It is the first time that I made a Linux server. Steps which are irrelevant in my opinion are not mentioned:

> I started a VirtualBox with "vagrant" and added an user.
> I gave him sudo rights.
> Gave him Key Based Authentication.
> Forced Key based Authentication by changing: /etc/ssh/sshd_config.
> Restart sshd service.
> enabled all outgoing ports with "ufw".
> diasbled all incoming ports with ufw.
> enabled specific incoming ports with ufw: 22, 2222/tcp, 22/tcp.
> enabled ufw.

Everything has worked fine so far and I could connect to the server by typing: ssh user(at)ip-address -p xxxx -i ~/.ssh/keydirectory.

But now to my question:
> Before I did the last steps I always had to halt, start and log into my virtualbox by typing
vagrant halt
and so on.
> When I try that now the terminal tells me " default: VM not created. Moving on...".
> I can connect to my server with ssh like my intention was but I am trying to understand which step exactly caused this change. And where is the server running if not in a virtual machine now? You see I still have a lot to learn but would appreciate a little bit of help.