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    Question sftp via apache2?

    I have a website running on one of my virtual machines running inside my local network, this site is forwarded by my firewall (debian) through apache using proxy which works well.
    The firewall/apache is the one which handles SSL-certificates for the site running on my virtual machine.

    All fine so far.

    However, I want to setup a ftp on a local machine which is to be accessed from outside. After thinking a bit I found out that I might be able to setup the apache on my FW to proxy the traffic for the ftp as well, and at the same time handle the SSL just as with the website!
    However I am not really sure how to set this up correctly.

    The ftp works inside my local network, but not as well on the outside yet.

    I made this virtualhost explicitly for the ftp, trying on port 990 for the moment to simplify.

    <VirtualHost *:990>
            SSLEngine on
            SSLProxyEngine on
            SSLCertificateFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/
            SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/
            ProxyPreserveHost On
            ProxyRequests Off
            ProxyPass /
            ProxyPassReverse /
    How would I set this up correctly, is there anything obviously wrong here?

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    Use sftp (secure ftp) for this. That will require a proper password and security key to get into the system. DO NOT use unsecured FTP or you will quickly be pwnd by bad actors...
    Sometimes, real fast is almost as good as real time.
    Just remember, Semper Gumbi - always be flexible!

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    Yes well it is actually sftp, that is why I use SSL certificates, i thought that was obvious However as of now I want to get this working primarily, and the ssl part is secondary.

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    if you have sftp, use it.
    no need to "go through apache".
    it should be secured through ssh keys, and is encrypted.

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    SFTP is part of SSH installation for most distros. In other words, if you have SSH installed you are ready for SFTP.

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    Sorry, i meant ftps.

    None with help on the actual problem without going OT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johanlindgren View Post
    Sorry, i meant ftps.

    None with help on the actual problem without going OT?
    wtf's that snark supposed to mean?
    YOU mispelled the name of the application, no-one else.
    and you did it in 2 separate posts.
    had you really meant sftp, our answers would've been spot on topic.

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    In my original post I was asked to use something else that was not an answer to my question.

    Forget it - I got an answer to my question elseware.

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