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    Can Linux server serve Windows XP client in small network?

    Hiya to all

    I am planning setup a Linux server to control 40 Windows XP professional client for a school, but I am not sure whether my requiremet is possible to achive with Linux Operating System. Below are my requirement:

    Task of Serve:

    1. To provide 100MBytes storage to every registered student with 70MBytes exclusive for them alone and another 30MBytes as share storage to share with other students.

    2. To provide Audio/Video Streaming, All the available audio/video file to be listed and members can make a playlist of thier own choice.

    3. To provide printing management like limiting each student to make maximum of 100 printing pages per week.

    4. To keep record of logging on and off time of each student, eg: limitting each student to 3 hours a day.

    5. To prevent acessing from undesirable web site eg: porn materials.

    Above are the minimum requirement I needed to setup the server. At the moment all the Windows XP Client running as stand alone in a standard workgroup and internet connection is served by Negear ADSL Router.

    I also required to ensure the server is not accessible to internet meaning that the server MUST not have internet connection but ONLY to provide access to local computer alone, basically the serve is a file server. The internet connection to client computer will be as is now, provided by Netgear ADSL Router.

    If above is possible can some one tell me how long will it take to setup the entire system based on my knowledge that I personally never touched Linux before (but am willing to put all the best effort I can) but resonably familier with setting up Windows Networking without much problem.

    The server system specificaion is as below:

    Dual AMD Opteron 64 bit 242 CPU
    2 Gigabytes ECC Registered RAM.
    8 X 200MBytes SATA HDD configured as RAID 10
    Tyan K8W S2885 Mother Board
    High Point Rocket RAID 1820A PCI-X Raid Card

    Sorry for long thread, I am just trying to give as much information Thank you in advance.

    p/s: I am planning to use Fedora Core 3 64bit version.

    Thank you,

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    I can answer most of theres off the top of my head, Im gonna have to check up on a few. But a note, the audio video streamer seems a bad idea, a shared folder with all the desitred files and only read acesss would much better suite this, but its your decision.
    • 1) Easy, samba with disk quotenets enabled. 2 shares per user. You will need a moderate understanding of *nix permissons to organize this.

      2) My recommendation would be just a read only share, because streaming audio and video is a HUGE resource hog and could cause problems for other clients logging in and utilizing there shares. Nothing would break, just might get annyoingly slow (even with the impressive system stats) The 2nd option would probably be something like this The 1st alternative requires minimal samba knowlege, the second a basic understanding of installing and managing servers in *nix enviroments

      3)I think cups might have some administrative abilites to this capacity but I'm not sure, so don't quote me, not really sure of ease.

      4) Most any system logger can keep track of this. A simple script could check the logs and keep students from logging in if they exceeded this, however kicking them from thier account once they had exceeded the time, not so sure, this would require a relativly advanced knowlege of Crons,Bash, and Loggers. But a clientside solution linking to a LDAP server might be better, but that also requires an advanced knowlege of LDAP and Windows authentication.

      5) A squid proxy server can handle this easily, unless you still insist that the server not access the internet.... then this is really difficult.

    Are you going to have all the Windows machines on one domain? If so, Samba can also serve as your PDC.
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    Re: Can Linux server serve Windows XP client in small networ

    I use squid with dansguardian on a debian machine for about 30 people. Dansguardian is a great porn blocker. Machine is a PII 500megahz, 10ide Drive and 300Ram or so. Students are all on Windows XP.

    You should check out Deep Freeze by faronics. I LOVE it and it is cheap for schools. Completely locks down their system. I don't even use virus software on the student machines. Deep Freeze means that I don't do any software repairs at all. The only thing that can go wrong is hardware. Saved me an insane amount of time.

    I want to setup Samba as the PDC and with LDAP on a seperate machine but still lack the knowhow.

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