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    Bind 9 - zone transfer - permission denied

    I have a primary master name server and a slave name server.
    When a start the slave server I get the following error:

    Jan 31 17:42:41.799 dumping master file: /etc/named/tmp-XXXX2RSNyT: open: permission denied
    Jan 31 17:42:41.799 transfer of '' from failed while receiving responses: permission denied

    On the master server the zone files has 744 permissions set and is own by root.

    Why do I get this permission error if the files have set Read access for everybody?


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    dumping master file: /etc/named/tmp-XXXX2RSNyT
    is it trying to write into the Tmp file...
    have you tryed different rights
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    I don't know why it tries to write into a tmp file.
    No I didn't try different rights because it's a production server and I'm concerned about security.
    The read right should be enough....

    Any idea??

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    I had a similar problem and changed the permissions so that named owned the files. Mine works now!

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    slave zones require a writeable directory cause BIND automatically creates and writes to the slave zone file. With tight implementations of BIND security, there is a directory setup for slave and dynamic zones specifically and the master zones go into their own read-only directory.

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    You need to put 'ENABLE_ZONE_WRITE=yes' in /etc/sysconfig/named .
    By default, write of master zone files is disabled

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