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Thread: Document Server

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    Document Server

    Is there any server available that can allow users access to a repository of documents for editting and configuration management control? Basically a central repository that can be access from any place with an internet connection?

    If that's not clear, what I'd like to do for a group of mine in which we need access to the same set of documents and keep some type of control of the current state that it is in, is to make these documents available from anywhere there is an internet connection for editing or updating.

    I don't believe vsftpd will allow me to do that. At least not be able to work with the document without having to download it first and then upload back to the server. That would be too cumbersome and hard to configuration managed.

    Any suggestions?

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    I dont think that this is possible outside a LAN...

    IF text document is the only type of file you will be updating and such, a regular web interface that reads the document, and permits input/output is your best shot with the current task at end. Other wise, you will have to Downlaod the document, and reupload it
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    depending on what field you are in, you could set up a CVS server, and have people check in and out the files. The only issue is there is no 'diff'ing of binary files like word files. However, if you use something cool like LaTeX, you can check in and out the files with correct text diffs.


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    I haven't done this for sure, but conceptually you could set up a server with X on it and use rdesktop to access it. You would have to put it behind a router and open up the rdesktop port then allow your friends or associates ip permissions through the router to the box. Or maybe set up a vpn and give them access. It would be slow but it can be done. I have also heard that samba can be multi domainish but I havent tried it. Sounds like a fun project
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    what about CVS..... while built for plaintext documents, it can generaly handle and help track changes in openoffice formats and the like as the information is really more stored in xml or summin else like that, human readable anyways. Add the webaccess, and might work.... Or something like phpgroupware might work... there are alot of php/mysql groupware options out there that might meet your requirements, but poke around and see!

    EDIT: someone def already said CVS, but my vote.
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    You might be interested in a wiki, but it won't help much if you need a specific document type. Google for wiki for more info about it.

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    Why not sshd and one user?

    It's not maybe so secure and everything but everyone had access to same files.

    Or everyone own account and password and then symlink to dir where's the files.

    Or ftp server?

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    First thing that comes to mind is a Wiki, already mentioned here. Second thought is a CMS like PHPNuke or one of the many other CMS packages.
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