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Thread: Postfix Email ?

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    Postfix Email ?

    After rebooting our Linux server, we cannot access our email. We are running Postfix IMAP email and port 143 does not seem to be available. I am new to the Linux world and am sure this is a very easy fix, but cannot find the answer. Can someone help???

    Stopping and restarting postfix does not help. When trying to check email from Outlook, the message is that the server is now in offline mode.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Postfix is not a mail server. It's an MTA. You'll need to start your imap server. This is probably something like 'courier-imapd' that you need to start. There is also (more than likely) an init script for this, to which we could point you if we know what distro the server is running.
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