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Thread: Bind CLuster

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    Bind CLuster

    I am new to bind. I have been tasked with setting up a DNS cluster with BIND. So we would have multiple master DNS servers at different locations so if one went down the DNS load would be redistributed to the other DNS Servers running BIND. Kind of like how Micro$ux AD is "supposed" to work.
    SO is this possible and if so is there a how to so where?

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    Very tricky is your problem. I amd not really sure about this.
    I am just gussing.

    one way to look at it is to register each DNS master server
    as secondary DNS server of the other DNS master servers. But this
    imply a lot of zone transfers between servers and probably a load
    sharing problem and the time between some master goes down until
    other start replying to request for it.

    Another way to attack it is to put central NAT router/s. To which
    all the DNS queries will be directed and the router redirect it to
    the DNS master servers. You can put IPTABLES rules to match which
    DNS master server should respond based on the DNS request IP segment.
    And have ready scripts to check for the avaiblity of the DNS master
    servers and update and flush the IPTABLE rules.


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