Hi To All,

i have a doubt in my mind, please clarify it..
we all are using VPS or the remote servers. we have also installed some security policies like APF etc.

my question is ..many of us dont have fixed ip's at home , i mean that the pc's we are using to log into our VPS are may not be having fixed ip's. we use the dialup connection or cable connections...right.

now if i want to make a policy in APF that ssh and ftp will be bann by the other users and only i can operate that ..means only i can use ssh , ftp ports or only some specific users can use then in that case how can i make the APF policy?? beacuse i dont have the fixed ip that i can directly enter in apf.allow file .
so hw can i protect my server ...??

also please guide what all policies i can made through APF to secure the VPS.
right now i have only blocked the ports . so please guide what all i can do to make the VPS more secure.