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    Configure Sendmail to Forward mail to a mail server


    How would i go about configuring sendmail to forward mail to another mail server which runs on the same host?
    What happens is, an application sends email using the sendmail command(/usr/lib/sendmail or /usr/sbin/sendmail), this mail then needs to be forwarded to a mailserver that is running on the same host - it is then this mail server which deals with the mail transport. What sort of entries do i need to make to the file to accomplish this.
    Any help would be appreciated


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    That is precisely what the sendmail command does. It connects to localhost:25 and sends the mail via the MTA listening to it.

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    Yeah thats what i thoguht aswell. See i have oracle;s email server running, and on using the sendmail command, it does show that it connects to the oracle email server, however no mail is ever recieved?, i get a message 'mail loops back to me'.

    According to the oracle documentation, i am supposed to do the following:

    Perform the following steps:
    1. Open the file as root and locate the line that contains DH.
    <this was easy......done>

    2. Add the middle tier host name to the end of the line, as follows:

    3. Comment out the following lines in the # short circuit local
    delivery so forwarded email works section:
    R$=L < @ $=w . > $#local $: @ $1 special local names
    R$+ < @ $=w . > $#local $: $1 regular local name

    <done these lines now look like the following in my
    #R$=L < @ $=w . > $#local $: @ $1 special local names
    #R$+ < @ $=w . > $#local $: $1 regular local name

    4.Note: This step is only necessary if your Oracle Calendar and
    Oracle Email servers are installed on the same computer.

    Add a k to the end of the F= parameter string of the mail deamon being used in
    the file. To determine the mail deamon being used, enter the
    following command:
    /usr/lib/sendmail -bt
    3,0 OCS_test_e-mail_address
    The parameter string to which you add the k looks like F=mDFMuX.

    <to be honest this was confusing - my lack of knowledge on sendmail, so for this i scanned and found only one like that had :

    I then changed it to


    However the mail is never recieved or delivered. Any ideas what i should look into, or perhaps i have not followed those steps correctly?


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    Scan the loopback interface with ethereal or tcpdump and see what happens.

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    yup the problem is now resolved, I was supposed to put the 'k' in the line for estmp as this was the mail daemon being used by sendmail, i thought it was smtp, now everything works fine.


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