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    Basic VPN server setup

    I have a basic gentoo linux server running as my router/firewall/web server at home. I am at school and i want to acces one of the computers at home through VNC. VNC is all set up, but first i need to establish a VPN. I started my VPN server using Webmin, and everythign seems to be running fine, but my windows box at school cannot access my server at home, its not an authentication problem, it cant even gain a connection. What port does VPN run out of because if it is a port issue then i can enable it in iptables. Otherwise is there anything else i can do to possibly fix this issue as my parent skeep bugging me to clean their computer up :-X thanks for any and all ideas.

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    more likely than not, the school has disallowed the type of connection that you are attempting to initiate, VPN doesn't exactly operate on a port as I understand, its simply allows you to 'tunnel' to a local network over something like the internet. Its VNC does used ports 5900-5910 generaly, but it might be differnt depending on the server you are using.
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    Well i enabled 1723 and that allowed me to connect, but now i dont have authorization. SO i going to go the gentoo forums for advice on the authentication. Thanks

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