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    Please help I want to know how to start a server on mandrake

    Im i complete linux noob so dont expect me to know anything.

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    Hi, i'll put this thread as a reference to my advices on this matter here

    It seems you have a very hard time understanding, or at least some issue about the way thing are done under Linux. Before you even start talking about running a server, you need a deep knowledge of whats happening...

    Running and admin a server, is no simple task.. and if simply (DHCP, ethernet controller, ...) is something you do not know, it's a task that is *impossible to handle with the limited knowledge you have.

    I suggest that you start reading on Linux with a good book that will teach you at least the simple command to be able to start with a good base. Then, I really suggest you to read about networking and administration of a network... since it will give you in dept lesson about hardware handling, configuration and such

    Hopefully you dont take this personnaly.
    You will get around issues like this far easier by knowing what to do and not having to ask for the simplest command.

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    here is a nice simple e-book Rute's
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    Running a linux server with access by a mac

    Yeah, just looking for an answer to a question
    What linux would be best to run a server if you want o be able to use a MAC to access the linux server? any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Mac can join any linux that uses samba file sharing. just enable samba in network on the mac and you will see the you linux server. As long as you have samba set up on you Linux server
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