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    DNS records configurable by users

    Hy, I need a solution for users to edit their records and add/remove slaves from named.conf (eventually by web access)

    I need the client to be able to edit his: domain name, soa record and add/remove slaves

    + no named restart after every edit (a way for named to reread its conf file at a specified time)

    The modified data must be checked for syntax errors (for obvious reasons).

    Any ideeas on how to implement this on redhat/fedora ?

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    DNS concepts...

    DNS is not to the users.

    I'm affraid you need to know more about DNS system to solve your problem.

    Hostnames and IP addresses MUST be assigned by the network administrator or you can have lots of networking problems at every host in your network, and loose your administration position .

    But a DHCP server can interact with Bind and probably answer your question.

    Webmin can give remote administration solution for newb users.

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    Could you detaliate your DHCP + bind ideea?

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    I developed simillar thing for system administrators though. You do not have to restart named each time you have edited the config files just send a SIGHUP to named and it rereads the config files. For syntax checking is more difficult. I have done that using C and bison based cgi (which should have root permissions in execution )and for lexical part I have just used the routines of named(BIND) itself. You can do it but it takes time and effort, specially debugging.

    Best wishes in your endouvour.


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