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    Apache Dir Permissions?

    Hey everyone.
    I was woundering how would I set a directory so that I can view it on the web. Try to go to one of my web directories to view the contents like in a directory tree type thing and I get permissions denied. How to do this please. Using Mandrake 10.1

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    use of the chown command and chmod command

    you should make sure that the user apache runs as is the user that owns the apache directory, and chmod should keep permissions on that directory tight

    man chown and man chmod should give you a better idea of how to utilize these commands.
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    I tryed...

    I did try to do chmod 777 to give permisions to everyone and I still could not view the files in the dir with my web browser

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    The owner has to be apache

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    The owner does not have to be apache the apache user just needs read access 'chmod 644' the problem here is you are trying to view/index a directory and im guessing you have -Indexes set in you httpd.conf thats why you get forbidden change it to Indexes eg..
    <Directory /www/mywebroot>
        Options Indexes

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