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    What is Novel Edirectory?

    i was looking thru their site, but i sitll don't understand exactly what it is.

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    It's basically like M$'s Active Directory, from what I gather. It allows you to have central authentication for everything, controlling access to everything on your network.
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    hmmm ive don't really know aht Active Directory is either could it be used over the web as well as in a intranet?

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    To put is basic and simple, look at eDirectory as your tree in your filemanager.
    (it may not be correct, but it gives you the idea)

    the root is your network. the servers are your directories.
    as subdirectories you have the administrators
    under these administrators you have the services
    under the services you have the users.

    a user can have multiple services under multiple administrators at multiple servers.
    as far as I know, a user has to log in once to get access to all of his services.

    with SuSe's groupware, it's webbased (try Suse linux Open Enterprise Server public beta; 9 cd's)

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    I'm installing it, and when launching ConsoleOne i get an erro: "Dump Handler is Processing a Signal" on novell it says " change the variable LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 " i'm not sure where to change this, or what it does. thanks

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    I thought you had to configure and run with iManager.
    (launch you browser and try your IP number ort hostname)

    make sure yo have ldap installed

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    when trying to install imonitor, it says "eDir version 8.5 or later is required, 8.7.3 is not sufficient." wtf? this is version 1.5.1, i couldn't find a later imonitor on the novell website.

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    Notifiy Events in Novell Edirectory

    My directory is having huge data and I am doing synchronization / migration of that data to another directory server / Database.
    Now, for the first time I will migrate all the entries from source to destination. But from second time onwards,
    I am doing "incrementatal synchronization" , that is, synchronize only those entries which are modified / added / deleted.

    Now suppose my application ( which is doing migration from source to destination ) goes down, and meanwhile some entries got deleted in source. By that time, my application comes up, now how can I get those deleted entries?
    Is there any way, you are aware of?
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me out...IT'S A CRITICAL ISSUE.

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